Monday, October 13, 2003

Ladygoat's first live football game

Oakland Raiders vs. Cleveland Browns

I was excited (after all, whoever won, I'd be happy, though of course Foodgoat didn't feel the same way). We picked up lunch (at 10:30) before the game at Panini's: sandwiches with coleslaw and french fries on the inside. (Dare I mention that such sandwiches are a long tradition and signature dish of arch-rival Pittsburgh? Okay, then, how about the fact that such sandwiches seem to known in parts of Europe as "American sandwiches"?)

The sandwich was just okay. Not nearly as fun as the world's largest touring grill cooking up sausages outside the stadium. Not that's a grill.

We didn't have any food actually inside the stadium, because it's a pretty long haul to the concession stands from the seats on the very last, the very top row (which also happen to be the only two seats out of 73,200 that didn't have a wind-blocking screen behind us, thus directing the full force of bracing Artic winds directly onto my neck). But it was still fun: the crowd was literally deafening, the Raiders fans were good sports (Darth Vader was there!), and, oh yeah, the Browns won.

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