Wednesday, October 8, 2003

Growing celebrity and airplane food

We love publicity. Publicity brings more readers, and that's all the more people who can leave comments and sign our brand-spankin'-new guestmap (hint, hint). First the St. Petersburg Times, then a plug on Metafilter (woohoo!), and now the Forbes website has written up a nice little review as well, reprinted below, as part being picked as one of the top 5 food blogs:

It's easy to like Foodgoat. From eating dulce de leche straight from the can and Swanson TV Dinners to whipping up the ultimate burger for the kick-off of the NFL season, Foodgoat's tastes are delightfully omnivorous and egalitarian. The Bosworth to Foodgoat's Johnson, and the main author of the blog, is his significant other, Ladygoat aka Rochelle Ponsaran. Ponsaran celebrates virtually everything the couple ingests, much of which would give a dietician the vapors, but they are also happy to share their family recipes for such delicacies as Hungarian potato dumplings and chicken paprikash. The blog's apt motto is "daily adventures in eating, cooking, drinking, and more eating" but it's also about tangential subjects such as the "History of the food world, part I." We wish there were more practical recipes but the random zaniness is appealing, and the range and creativity of consumption impressive.

Might I delicately point out, however, that my name is ROSELLE, and not Rochelle? And that they probably meant to call me the BOSWELL, not the Bosworth, to Foodgoat's Johnson? And what the heck does "reputation," for which we got a high rating of 5, mean anyway?

Anyway, on to the food ...

Highlight #6

We were so impressed with the snack we got on the plane that we took a picture of it, are now sharing it with you, and are tempted to submit it to On the flight from Cleveland to Chicago, all we got was a tiny bag of pretzels. But from Chicago to Oakland, we got this nifty and generous snack spread: tortilla chips with salsa, mixed dried fruit, crackers with spreadable cheese, and a fancy sugar cookie.

Which just goes to reinforce my growing conviction that United has the best (which is to say, almost good) airplane food. I particularly recall a delicious tapioca dessert on the flight last year to the Philippines that I wish I had the recipe for. In fact, United increased spending on food to $7.91 per passenger, while other major airlines cut their spending (my usual airline, Continental, spends $4.75). Now you can even buy a Hard Rock Cafe meal on board (though I wouldn't want to).

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