Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Here, fishie, fishie

The rock and pool is nice and cool, so nice for feet!
I only wish (whack) to catch a fish (whack), so juicy sweet! (whack some more)

[10 geek points if you can name the speaker]

We were strolling around the West Side Market Saturday when the fish stand caught my eye. They had "regular" salmon (i.e. Atlantic farmed), but they also had wild Alaska salmon. And I was very surprised to see that they looked completely different! The farmed salmon (the kind that's usually in the supermarket) was the usual peachy color and very thick. In contrast, the wild salmon was leaner, and bright red:

Juicy sweet, indeed! Okay, I'll bite: one pound of environmentally-important, commericially-endangered, healthier-for-you, preferred-by-chefs-everywhere, $9-a-pound wild salmon please.

Some might prefer to give it to ussss raw (and wwwriggling!) but we plopped them down into a hot pan with olive oil and cooked it on both sides until it seemed done (which always takes longer than we think it should).

I made a sauce of honey, hoisen sauce, soy sauce, ginger, garlic, and basil, Foodgoat made cream of spinach and corn.

And the salmon? You ruins it! Stupid fat blogger! Nah, it actually came out very, very well. Impressive flaking ability. Delicate texture. Excellent taste. Plus extra feel-good points for actually following the Seafood Watch card. Foodgoat doesn't think he can go back to the farmed fish.

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