Wednesday, October 22, 2003

Foodgoat has crabs!
Actually, he has a can of crabmeat. So he made crabcakes.

To the crabmeat he added 1 egg, salt and pepper, a dollop of mayonnaise, a couple splashes of Worchestshire sauce, some chopped green onions, a splash of lemon juice, some horseradish and some of Kelly Holcomb's Hometown Spicy Brown Mustard [excuse the lack of proper measurements ... Foodgoat prefers to go by look, taste, and texture instead]. Then he added a bunch of bread crumbs and flour, until it made a sticky ball and divided it into patties. After both sides were nice & brown he dolloped the cakes with mayo and horseradish (I, on the other hand, prefer banana sauce).

He also made potato cakes, which, if you ask me, look a lot like crab cakes ... you know, round and crispy.

But Foodgoat assures me this is a picture of a potato cake, so it must be so. It's okay, because it tasted good too. I'm all for fried things.

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