Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tryout Tuesday: Le Oui Oui Crepe Cafe

Way back in the day, Foodgoat and I used to eat out a lot more, and we would try a different restaurant every Tuesday.  Ahh, the things you can do when you don't have a baby in tow.

Last February though, Le Oui Oui Crepe Cafe  opened near where I work, and who can resist crepes?  The owner, a former costume designer, street performer, and bona fide Parisienne,  previously ran two other crepes places in Ohio City, neither of which I had been to, but seemed well liked so I was anxious to give it a go.

Le Oui Oui is ... minimal.  It's not so much a restaurant as a takeout stand with a couple of tables.  The menu is brief - a couple of choices for savory crepes, a couple of egg version, and some sweet dessert crepes, though of course one can customize.  But what it lacks in choice it seems to make up for taste - the crepe I had, goat cheese, tomato, and spinach - was really, very good.  The crepe was light and delicious, the ingredients were fresh and bright.  A perfect springtime lunch. 

I was all set to make it a regular lunchtime stop when I found it that it's temporarily closing in a couple of days - on April 16!  According to their Facebook face, they are working to "secure a more intimate location in the Circle" and that they "hope to be at a new space before the CWRU new school year".  That is months and months away!  Oh well!

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