Thursday, April 14, 2011

April is Grilled Cheese Month! Tuna Melt Time!

Between the warm weather finally coming in around here, and the latest Saveur issue featuring nothing but sandwiches, sandwiches, glorious sandwiches, Foodgoat has been on a big sandwich kick lately.

And what good is a sandwich without some melty cheese?

April happens to be National Grilled Cheese Month, though as far as I am concerned, every month is grilled cheese month.  It's always good, no matter what the weather. 

The other day  Foodgoat made this wonderful, wonderful tuna melt, made with Applewood cheddar, each delicious layer broiled to hot melted goodness.  While making it he asked me if there was such a thing as too much melted cheese, and I reminded him of his own Theorem of the Cheesy Ratio, which states that yes, one can have too much cheese.    However, he clarified his theorem by stating one cannot have too much melted cheese.  If a sandwich has a lot of cheese and only some layers are melted while some remain (very sadly) unmelted, that's too much cheese.  But if all the layers are properly, deliciously melted ... well, who's to say what the limit is?

Even GoatSpawn would concur with that analysis of cheesy ratio. 

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