Thursday, April 7, 2011

Daddy Burrito, Baby Burrito

One of the reasons I love our not-frequent-enough West Side Market trips is that at the end, we stop by Ohio City Burrito to pick up lunch.  There aren't a lot of Mexican options around me (and the one time we thought we'd give El Rodeo in Mayfield Heights another go, we found that it had closed!), so Ohio City Burrito is just about the only place we can look forward to having burritos.

I'm partial to naked burritos (all the burrito parts in a bowl instead of wrapped up in a tortilla) with the Grandma salsa, which is not at all hot but is sweet and very tasty.

Usually, GoatSpawn nibbles off of our burritos, but last week, we noticed that they also have baby burritos - a small soft taco with beans, cheese and salsa.  How cute is that?  So now everyone can have their own!


  1. They are so accommodating... have something for everyone!!

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