Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Party Etiquette

In today's Dear Abby column, a parent planning a child's birthday party at a park asks if it's okay to offer beer and wine to the parents, and Abby responds:

"DEAR PARTY PLANNER: I see nothing positive to be gained by a group of parents drinking alcohol at a children's party. Alcohol dulls the senses, and besides, the purpose of the party is to see that the children have a good time. Rather than drinking and socializing, the parents should be concentrating on the kids, making sure they are entertained and closely supervised -- particularly in an outdoor setting that may not be familiar to everyone."

I actually don't see a problem with having some alcoholic beverages for the parents at a children's party. I would think most parents are responsible enough to not take the offer of a beer as an invitation to get blind stinking drunk while their kids set the park on fire or attack the geese with plastic forks.

But that's just me. And I can't imagine Foodgoat not offering some beer or wine to the grownups at any of GoatSpawn's parties. What do you think?


  1. I am firmly in favor of serving wine or beer at a children's party unless driving or heavy machinery of some sort is actually part of the planned event (five year old demolition derby, anyone?). I probably would not serve liquor, but let's not rule anything out.

  2. Dear Abby is a complete and totally idiotic on this one.

    Foodgoat disagrees 100% on her advice- and I also find it offensive.

  3. Dear Abby missed the mark here. I don't think I'd serve alcohol if I invited every single kid in the class along with their parents I'd never met. But most of the time, we're only inviting the kids with parents we'd like to share a glass of wine with anyways.