Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Baby's First Zucchini

Every year, we plant something new in our garden. Last year it was lettuce; this year, it was zucchini. I was a little surprised that the seed packet suggested spacing the seeds three to four feet apart - that seemed awfully far. But I duly planted three sets of seeds, each with two zucchini seeds.

Well, two of those sets did not sprout at all, but the third did. And good thing it was just one set of zucchini seeds, because that one plant is crazy huge. It easily has a spread of at least five feet, with huge pointy leaves, easily overshadowing the nearby peppers and tomatoes.

While the cool summer hasn't been particularly kind to other crops, it doesn't seem to have hurt the zucchini at all, and we are now starting to harvest its goodness.

So not only is the plant itself ridiculously huge, so are zucchini! We've never harvested anything that looked like it could be used as a weapon.

Foodgoat used one to make breaded zucchini, which was delicious and a surprising hit with GoatSpawn.

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  1. MMM, fried zucchini. Zucchini bread has been a hit with my offspring, you might give that a shot as well.

  2. You have to watch them every day or they can get big as coke bottles . . 2 liter coke bottles