Wednesday, August 5, 2009

GoatSpawn Feeds Herself!

GoatSpawn is now ten months old, a big girl, and this week we marveled at the fact that we could all sit down at the dinner table, each of us now feeding themselves.

Not that long ago (or last week), Foodgoat and I were rushing through eating so that one of us could feed the baby.

But now, GoatSpawn can feed herself, picking up the food in a bowl or plate and with her own little fingers and putting them, more or less, in her mouth.

She is also enjoying table foods now, eating lots of things that we are eating, rather than only the pureed and strained beyond recognition baby foods.

So here we all are, sitting together at the table, all eating the same thing, feeding ourselves, even conversing. It's a real life family dinner.

Our very first meal like this was chicken adobo, which I made myself (yes, Ladygoat actually made dinner! And not by heating something up or pouring something into a bowl of milk!). Adobo was on the menu because we've noticed GoatSpawn really likes eating rice - and not rice cereal (which I still think is a weird and unappetizing product), but rice. There may be some Filipino in this girl yet.

Our second meal? Sloppy joes. And we were pretty impressed at relatively clean GoatSpawn kept herself while eating sloppy joes. They are, after all, sloppy.

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