Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Limeade & Tequila, Together At Last

One of our regular stops at the West Side Market is the Juice Garden, where we pick up a quart of of vanilla lemonade for me and a quart of pome-grapefruit for Foodgoat. Besides the oh-so-refreshing juice, we like to stop by because we get to chat with the Juice Garden vendors, a young couple who wear beanies and vacation in Mexico and nod knowingly when we say something disparaging about Halliburton. We actually don't know their names, but if I had to name them I'd call him Joe and I'd call her Eden.

Anyway, Joe once mentioned that the Limeade tasted especially good with a particular booze. We had the Limeade, but couldn't remember what booze it was, so we resolved to be scientific about it and try all the booze types, one after the other.

We would start with tequila ...

And we would end with tequila.

Because a bit of tequila with fresh limeade is TOTALLY AWESOME. It's like a delicious, yet much easier, margarita. So smooth! Not overwhelmingly sweet! Such a happy taste! And in these anxious times, we need more happy tastes!

Of course it helps that we used Don Julio Tequila, which is ten times better than any of the Cuervo crap. Much smoother, and so worth the extra money.

Alas, we were dangerously low on Don Julio, since over the holidays one of Foodgoat's brothers came back one night from a party already intoxicated and proceeded to do shots with Foodgoat's Don Julio, his very best liquor. Fortunately he used a shot glass from my shot glass tic tac toe board, which are just half the size of regulation shot glasses. From this, one might surmise that one should put out the cheap liquor for drunk guests. Would this make one a bad host?

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  1. This post inspires me to get some fresh limeade! Perhaps I'll be off to the farmer's market this weekend.

    I'd also be tempted to experiment with adding a splash of triple sec or a fizzy soda...or both!