Monday, March 12, 2007

The Foodgoat sphere of influence expands

... see my post on the Feast Magazine website? Feast Magazine is Cleveland Magazine recently hatched food & fine living in Northeast Ohio spinoff. I'll be posting there every other Friday about local Cleveland foodstuffs - this first post is about Cleveland-based P.J. Snackenwaffles, which gives me a tooth cavity just saying it


  1. The link didn't work for me--just took me to a blank page on the Feast website.

  2. Right on, Ladygoat! Well done.

  3. Anonymous12:15 PM

    Hey whats up guys & gals, just a random fan in the DC area, we dont have to many smaller chains for good burrittos around here but what we do have is larger chains. California Tortilla has become one of my favorite mexican restraunts to go to now adays. Just wondering if you knew any one in the DC area and to give you the heads up that Cal Tor California Tortilla that is, is opening two new stores in ym area one in Annapolis and one in Richmond, and i heard that nationwide Cal Tor is having a little game of rock paper scissors, if you beat the cashier in that game you get a dollar off your meal how awesome is that, who else is that creative right, anywho just wanted to hit ya up and see if any loyal fans would want to know about these new openings.