Wednesday, December 13, 2006

More Food TV, where you least expect it

These seem to be fine days for television. Well, except for that idiot boxing episode on Battlestar Galactica (let's face it, there hasn't been a good boxing episode on TV since "Ya gots to believe, Bolie!" on the Twilight Zone). Recently I have become enamored with Bones and Heroes and the Lost Room, for example.

Alas, I have no food shows cued up on Tivo. Not even Alton Brown seems that interesting anymore.

I did, however, enjoy watching Dirty Jobs, which often features the messier, ickier, and smellier sides of the food chain. The recent episode at Ohio’s Put-in-Bay Harbor with a snake researcher featured the host learning to puke a water snake, resulting in the snake's fish dinner coming back up partially digested. That episode is ranks right up there in hilarity with the one where he visits a Las Vegas pig farmer who feeds his pigs leftover scraps from casino restaurants.

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  1. Apollo is still my main reason to watch Galatica. He's a beautiful man...but I stil think Sam is so much hotter on the sexy scale.

    Road Tasted is good. And I love Ace of Cake.