Friday, December 15, 2006

Bacon Textures

No one actually needed to send us a review copy of the new cookbook, Seduced by Bacon by Joanna Pruess. If there is one topic that would actually get Foodgoat to read a cookbook, bacon is it. But it was an effective gesture anyway, since here I am posting about how we tried one of the many delectable recipes features the finest of fine foods.

While I tried to get Foodgoat to try the Peanut Butter and Bacon sandwich, the recipe we actually tried was the bacon wrapped shrimp with curry mayonnaise. It sounds like one of those foolproof recipes, does it not?, in which every single ingredient is delicious. What can go wrong?

Nothing, in my opinion. It was in fact yummy. But for Foodgoat, it was something of a miss. Why?

Texture. The bacon around the shrimp was ever so slightly ... floppy. I don't think it was the recipe's fault. But for Foodgoat, floppy bacon is a no-no. Had I had this dish with a bowl of hot white sticky rice, it would have been perfect.

Me, on the other hand, prefer floppy bacon to fried to a crisp bacon.


  1. I'm with foodgoat on this--I like my bacon to stand up for itself. Or at least lie at attention.

  2. Ah the great bacon debate: floppy vs. crisp.

    The problem with floppy bacon is all that FAT! Ladygoat- will happily eat any piece of meat with those fat blobs on them. I can't stand the texture. I hate biting down on a chunk of globious fat that doesn't split into two.

    I will take my bacon EXTRA firm- with all the fat render into its oil state. Ahhhhh bacon fat is too good to leave it attached to the meat.

  3. From the fat comes the flavor.

    And while a straight up chunk of fat is kind of gross, bacon fat which ends up melting into fresh hot steaming white rice is yummy.

  4. Bacon is an amazing joy of flavor! Tell me if you have ever tried it in a cookie. We put almost anything into a cookie at but I have never tried bacon...I might be busy tonight though, can you imagine!

    I would love to know the weirdest thing you have put in a cookie and what happened when you tried it.

    The Milkman

  5. Anonymous11:52 PM

    That's what those little plumbers torches are for! crisping bacon and browning creme brulee!