Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Food TV

We watched an excellent and informative food show on TV the other night, and typically, it wasn't on the Food Network.

No, it was on the History Channel, and it was an episode of Modern Marvels, and it was about nuts.

And that is how we finally learned ...

why some pistacios are dyed red (in other countries, the nuts are harvested after having fallen on the ground, and the red dye is used to hide blemishes that result) ...

why the pistachios are split (the ripened nut pushes on the shell)...

how the pistachio industry came to the U.S. (credit my new hero William E. Whitehouse, who went to Persia, now Iran, for six months in 1929 and came out with 20 pounds of pistachio seeds) ...

Now 98% of the U.S. pistachio crop comes from California.

See how fun that was, Food Network? Now you try.


  1. The Food Network -oh how have you fallen from grace. Not long ago, you informed me - taught me about new ingredients and techniques.

    Your all about candy and BBQ. You replaced real chefs with people with silly catch phrases. To you, Fine dinning is adding tuna to your kraft Mac&Cheese.

    I am sorry to inform you Food Network - I am removing you from my DirectTV favorites list.

    History Channel - BRAVO! You have grown up so much.

  2. Anonymous6:16 PM

    I must agree: it's sad how little content there is on The Food Network these days to appeal to someone who really cooks. I seem to run across good restaurant/cooking shows on some of the travel channels more frequently than on the one channel that's supposedly devoted to food.

  3. Anonymous9:44 PM

    That's the most concise and wittiest damnation of the Food Network yet.