Wednesday, March 9, 2005

It's that time of year again. Girl Scout Cookie season is upon us.

I'm not a particularly big fan of those cookies. If there was an American Cookie reality show and I was Randy, I'd be all, "That Thin Mint wasn't the BOMB, dawg, it was just a-ight". And there's something a little problematic about girls funding their activities primarily through trans-fat filled sweets, when the next thing you know, their mothers may be telling them to go on the South Beach diet on national TV. Mind you, I'm still in a fiercely bad mood, though today I've decided to blame Tom Wolfe for the irritant that is Charlotte Simmons rather than the sudden drop in tomato consumption.

Still, one is wary of missing out on this once-a-year opportunity, and an a-ight cookie, let's face it, is better than no cookie at all. Pass me another shortbread.

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  1. Good, funny stuff - but I can't resist the cookies either. Wanted to update you that it’s Girl Scout Cookie Time 2007 baby! Bring on the Thin Mints:-) And the Girl Scouts have finally joined the digital age and created a website that makes it easy to find those tasty cookies ( Also, they’ve posted some vintage cookie ads on MySpace ( Pretty funny, kitschy TV ads from the 1970’s - definitely worth a look (and a laugh)! Eat on...