Thursday, May 20, 2004



(cricket sounds)


Where is Foodgoat? Where is Ladygoat?

I'll tell you where. They're buried in the house underneath a pile of poorly labelled moving boxes. They're pulling out their hair trying to figure out why suddenly both the bathrooms leak. They're using their brand new satellite dish for the high-definition TV to listen to the easy listening music channel because they're so tired from an intense week of packing/moving/unpacking that they want to take naps instead of figure out where all the darn books should go. And they're impatiently waiting for the DSL Internet connection to kick in, 'cuz otherwise they're cut off from the world.

And that is why I haven't posted. And why I missed the latest IMBB? round (believe me, I really wanted to participate in the rice theme!). And why I have about 258 unread posts, just from food blogs!,in my newsreader.

Not only that, moving had another downside: we never had time to cook a real meal and even if we did, we did't know where the wooden spoons were. Instead we've hit nearly every fast food joint in the South Euclid-Lyndhurst-Cleveland Heights area (which is not nearly as big as it sounds). Once upon a time, when I was an impressionable child, eating fast food every day would sound like a treat. Now it just makes me feel ... icky.

Just about the only fast food place I haven't eaten at recently, and that's because poor Cleveland doesn't have it, is Jack in the Box. Is it an Ohio thing, or a East Coast thing? I don't know. Anyway, they're all over California, and it ranks up there as one of the places I'd rather eat at. They had a Sourdough Melt that sounds almost good right about now.

Remember about 10 years about when there was this huge E. coli fast food scare? It nearly bankrupted Jack in the Box but they came back after a few years with the clever "Jack's back" campaign that put Styrafoam heads with yellow cone hats on everyone's radio antenna. Apparently, Jack in the Box is experimenting with yet another makeover: JBX, the hipper, edgier Jack in the Box. Is this like when Kentucky Fried Chicken became KFC?

I'm rambling, so suffice it to say hold tight. A proper post (with pictures! with even more links!) is on its way. Maybe tonight. Maybe tomorrow (no, wait, tomorrow's the much-anticipated light-fixture shopping night). Saturday, then (hmm, that's gutter-cleaning day ...)...

When was homeownership supposed to get fun again?

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