Thursday, May 27, 2004


After a week of pain, a mysterious rash, and persistent pleading from me and various mothers, Foodgoat finally relented and went to the doctor. Diagnosis: shingles.

He's something of a medical curiosity, because shingles is very rare in someone of his age and general good health, but it's much less fun than it sounds (I'd post a picture of his rash, but the digital camera isn't feeling well either). Foodgoat is very unhappy.

Personally, I (partly) blame all the recent fast-food meals. It can't have been good for either of us. Anyone see Supersize Me yet?

So last night I did what I could: I made an anti-shingles meal. It consisted of ...

sauteed beef (red meat contains a lot of lysine, an amino acid which inhibits the growth of the shingles virus)
brown rice (B vitamins, important for nerve health and the immune system)
green salad (calcium and magnesium, for the health of nerve endings)
garlic bread (garlic has antiviral properties)
pomegranate/blueberry juice (more antioxidants than any other juice and helps the immune system)
ice cream (for morale)

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