Thursday, September 5, 2013

Richard Simmons

I saved this screenshot of last week's New York Times so that any time I want to look at Richond Simmons in drag wearing a Medusa wig, I can.

I started to look up recipes by Richard Simmons, since he has had a few cookbooks out, but food isn't really his thing, and besides, in the recent Grantland profile I found this quote:

Winifred Morice, a nutritionist who worked for Simmons for 16 years, said, "The first cookbook I gave to Richard to look at just before it went to press, and he made one change. I'd written, 'Recipes developed by Winifred Morice.' He put, 'Recipes developed by Richard Simmons and Winifred Morice.'"

As Morice admits, Simmons made up for it with unrestrained benevolence.
In any case, let's all be thankful that Richard Simmons does not have a show on the Food Network.  That would just be too much. 

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  1. Now I can't stop imagining him as a Food Network host. THAT WOULD BE AWESOME.