Thursday, September 5, 2013

One of My Favorite Thing to Freeze: Bananas

Sometimes there is just one last banana is left, rapidly approaching over ripeness. Sometimes your kid says she wants a banana, then changes her mind after you've already peeled it. Or she changes her mind after one bite, leaving you with an impulse to talk to your toddler about the lifelong importance of FOLLOW THROUGH as well as an almost whole banana.  A banana that seems too much to throw away, but not enough to make banana bread out of.

I like to eat bananas, but I do not like to eat them under duress.  I do not want to feel forced to eat a banana just to avoid fruit flies and wasting $0.59 a pound.

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So it was a revelation to find out you can freeze bananas.  You can freeze them sliced (like if you use them for smoothies), but I just like to freeze them whole so you know exactly how many bananas I have.  You can freeze them with the peel still on, but I found it gross and slimy to try to peel it once it starts to thaw, so I freeze it peeled.  I don't even label it in the freezer bag, because it's pretty obvious that it's a frozen banana.  

Then when two or three have accumulated, I make banana muffins.  I take them out, leave them out for a few minutes, then mash them out.  When they thaw, they get mushy all by themselves, so the longer you let them thaw, the easier it is.  They also turn a weird and unappetizing brown, but it doesn't seem to make any difference in the muffins, taste-wise.

And so now, bananas are not wasted nearly as much as before, so I can buy bananas with abandon.  

I will still have that talk about follow-through with the kids though.  

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