Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Thoughts on Plan of Work for a Small Servantless House

Apparently, if I was a postwar British wife who suddenly found herself unable to afford servants for the first time (horrors!), this is how I should spend my time.  

My thoughts as I read this:
  • First of all, where's all the child care?  Is it really limited to walking them to school, minding them (if necessary) beween 3 and 4:30, and then putting them to bed?  Where's the hours (yes, hours) for bathtime?  The drop off, the pick up from gymnastics class?  The Mega Blok tower building?  The morning toy cleanup?  The afternoon toy cleanup?  The evening toy cleanup? 
  • Lunchtime at 1 pm?  I'd never make it. 
  • Tea at 4:40 pm sounds lovely.  I always get peckish at that time. 
  • When do the kids eat dinner? 
  • Parents ate after the kids went to bed?  And here Foodgoat and I been doing everything we can to make sure we all eat at the same table, at the same time.  And dinner at 7:40?  So late!

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