Monday, June 25, 2007

Things that don't need saving

I got a panicked message today informing me that the corporate offices of Caribou Coffee in Minneapolis, the second-largest U.S. specialty coffee company, were closing the Coventry location this week, and that we NEED TO SAVE IT! WE NEED A WRITE-IN CAMPAIGN!

My reaction: meh.

As much as I like Coventry, the little stretch of street that is Cleveland's answer to Berkeley, and as much as I want it to do well, I have no inclination to go to, much less save, the Caribou Coffee shop. Caribou is more like a dessert shop than a coffee shop: their coffee drinks all seem to feature Oreo cookie bits or Snickers candy bits or chocolate chunks or caramel sauce. And they're expensive, which, once you crash from that sugar high, just makes you grouchier.

So the exit of Caribou will leave the Coventry neighborhood without any coffee shops at all, which is weird, but since the Arrabica, former Foodgoat haunt, went bad, then left, well, there hasn't been any good coffee to be had in the neighborhood for years.

What kind of coffee place does Coventry need? I would say: Look, mister, I go to places that serve good strong black coffee for people who want to get their caffeine fast. And I don't need any characters around to give the joint atmosphere. Is that clear? Or do I have to slip you my left for a convincer?*


  1. While I enjoyed an iced coffee every now and then, I have to side with you. Most of these "coffee-inspired" drinks are better suited as a dessert, not a morning pick-me-up. They're frothy, sugary and super high in calories. If I'm going to consume 400 calories before I even get to work, I'd prefer it to be something solid and chocolately, not watered down and coffee-ish.

  2. Someone wrote to us about "Saving Caribou Coffee?.?.?" Wow, they don't know us very well. I actually think I dislike Caribou Coffee more than Starbucks (and the only thing I like about Starbucks is there cool sci-fi name ;)

    So goodbye Caribou and don't let the door hit you on your way out.

  3. Caribou decided not to renew the lease on the Coventry location, and Phoenix Coffee is looking to move into that space, according to this:

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