Thursday, June 21, 2007

It's Like Not Having Cupcakes on Your Wedding Day

Foodgoat and I were so careful about making sure that we weren't so distracted by the hosting responsibilities of the wedding reception that we didn't eat. We made sure we ate first and tried everything.

BUT ... WE FORGOT ABOUT THE CUPCAKES! WE DIDN'T GET TO TRY THE CUPCAKES!! I tried the cheesecake and other dessert bites, but I missed the cupcakes. Isn't it ironic tragic?


  1. That IS tragic. Those look decadent.

  2. sad! My husband and I had cake at our wedding but missed out on most of the food and the bananas foster. Good idea to eat FIRST :)

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  5. Congratz you two! Sorry to hear about the cupcakes. Our strategy for trying everything was asking for one of each dish (though we each missed an appetizer or two).

    Dre and I wish you two the best!

    - Matt

    (ps. That Sushi looks amazing!)

  6. Congrats! And may your life together be filled with cupcakes...check out the ones at Kara's Cupcakes if you are still in town.

  7. Congrats on the wedding! It seems like just yesterday you were posting pics of the engagement ring.

    I hardly got anything to eat at our reception and by the time we got to our hotel I was starving and since it was late, the restaurant in it was just about to close. The only thing they could get us was hamburgers (and they were like hockey pucks...)