Monday, June 18, 2007

Feast on this

The newest issue of the newest Cleveland food magazine, Feast, is out, it's $3.95, and I think you should pick it up, not the least reason being a little bitty article (I think it's page 8) all about this very blog. They've even got a picture of us. Yes, I'm holding a MacBook, but that was just a prop that the photographer handed to me. I'm a John Hodgman gal.

Feast, an offshoot of Cleveland magazine, is very slim and has too many ads, but it's a good effort that will hopefully do its part to elevate the Cleveland food game. It's got recipes, products reviews, and all the usual things that should be in a food magazine. It doesn't quite feel unique or especially Cleveland-ish (the articles could been in any other food mag for any other city), but I'll chalk that up to youth.


  1. Anonymous10:58 PM

    send us a copy! asap! this comment was sent via wii...

  2. I agree that it's too skinny and ad-ful, but I'm thinking I should subscribe to it to support a Cleveland food media venture.
    Congrats on your wedding, by the way.