Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Sigh. Now I remember why I didn't want to get married before: first, it requires making decisions, and that's just not something I do well, and second, I feel like I'm putting on huge Broadway musical (the Andew Lloyd Webber kind, not the Andy Rooney and Judy Garland kind).

And who knew that a wedding planning was so like sorority formal rush, complete with constrained budgets, weird outfits, and snarky comments?

Currently, the only certainties are that it will take place in 2007 and in San Francisco. Oh, and that the groom is Foodgoat. Other than that - not a clue.

Should the party take place in the lovely Presidio (Log Cabin? Film Center? Officer's Club?)?

Or should we head north across the Golden Gate (Headlands Center for the Arts? Campbell Hall & Garden? Point Reyes Seashore Lodge?), which is even lovelier, but farther from the airport?

Or what about Treasure Island, which has gorgeous views, is halfway between the City and our East Side families, and, let's face it, just sounds cool?

And can I forget about Golden Gate Park (e Young museum? Beach Chalet Brewery?), where Foodgoat & I used to stroll every night when we first met?

I'm so confused. And all we want is a sushi station and pie.


  1. the time of year is important.
    I worked in the presidio for a year - it is often cloaked in fog as are other places.

    treasure island would have more reliable weather, i think

    why not actually on a boat in the bay?

  2. Fairly certain you mean Mickey Rooney, not Andy Rooney. Though the idea of that crank in a musical is very funny!

  3. Oh, planning a wedding can be so mind numbing, can't it?!

    We planned a destination wedding, overseas in Ireland! Despite the nail biting planning involved, it ended up being on of our happiest days, truly!

    I hope all your wedding plans turn out just as beautifully, wherever you decide.

  4. Sushi Station, Pie, Treasure Island.

    Go for it.

    We used to drive by the exit for Treasure Island all the time, but somehow, never ended up there.

    But...it does just sound so fun! I mean, 'come to my wedding, on Treasure Island!'.

  5. (God, I love San Francisco. I'm in Belgium now but I miss it so much, especially the burritos in the Mission. They do sushi here, but their idea of a burrito is a sad, sad joke.)

    Why not get married on Alcatraz? Talk about memorable! Put a new twist on the term "wedlock." :)

  6. My fiance and I are from Cleveland, got engaged in San Fran last fall, moved out to San Fran from C-town a couple weeks ago and are planning to get married out here in the next couple years. So both Cleveland and SF are close to our hearts.

    We're thinking about getting married in the Japanese tea garden--which is supposed to be absolutely beautiful.

    but a boat on the bay could be really fun--depending on the time of year!

  7. Oh, there's nothing like a wedding to bring out the latent craziness in one's family and increase the stress levels ;-) Once you've made your decisions as to where, when, and how big, there's only one useful phrase you have to remember to counter any mad demands from family or friends: "Who's the bride/groom here??" Best of luck with the planning - it will all be worth it in the end.

  8. Anonymous6:18 PM

    I miss San Fran - wedding near the water would be fantastic. We opted for an outdoor wedding on the Washington State coast - at the foot of the North Head light house. Amazing - congratulations, it sounds wonderful.