Wednesday, September 6, 2006

Fwd: Whine Re: Beer

Foodgoat has fallen off the wagon. Wedding planning? So not fun. And my head hurts.

As if that wasn't trial and tribulation enough, there's the new Lindemans lambic flavor, Pomme or Green Apple. In a word: BLEAH. Not easy for me to say that, being a green apple fiend and Lindemans lambic fan. Their raspberry beer is so delicious! Their black current beer so delightful!! Their green apple so ... weird-tasting. I'm not sure why - it did taste like green apple, and yet it didn't taste good. Almost like it was too fresh.

You see how much I suffer?


If WWII was an MMORPG?

Dinosaurs eat biscuits?


  1. I tagged you for the 5 things to eat before you die meme--hope you're not annoyed.

  2. i have a bottle of this in my fridge that i've been waiting to try...sorry to hear it's disappointing. the raspberry is the bomb!

  3. Yeah I was disappointed in it BIG TIME. It was so bad, Ladygoat and I didn't even care to finish it.

    I too love the raspberry.

  4. Anonymous4:57 PM

    A great green apple beer is Ephemere. Try it! It's divine.

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  6. Hm never chance a running system or in this case: if you have lucky people buying your drink, don't chance it -.-

  7. Unfortunately this boisson is really hard to get in Germany. Found it untill now just in one shop. After being sold out. It never showed up again.

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