Thursday, September 7, 2006

BLT, improved

BLTs are right up there with tuna melts and grilled cheese on my list of DELICIOUS SANDWICHES. However, Foodgoat has actually improved upon the classic BLT.

He has created the BABlue: Bacon, Avocado, and (Point Reyes) Blue cheese.

All the most delectable of ingredients, together in a easy, hand-held format.

This version included a green tomato (fresh from our garden) and potato bread, which is only the very best sandwich bread there is.

Won't you join us while Foodgoat makes his nw specialty?

First, the ingredients. Generous and random sampling ensures quality control. I conside this my most important role.

The bacon is prepared. And more quality control sampling.

Bread is toasted on the same pan. Conserve the goodness!

Assemble the pieces. Don't be stingy!

And voila! TASTY.


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  1. Anonymous2:39 PM

    I wish I liked bleu cheese. I guess I would have to use brie. You should try a BAST (Bacon, arugula, smoked salmon, & tomato) sandwich. Sooooo delish!

  2. You might like Point Reyes blue cheese - I think it's the very best of the blue cheeses and soooo creamy.

    BAST sounds good. But imagine BBAST (or BABST?) - BAST with blue cheese added.

  3. That looks great, but where I come from it is not really a samich if you don't put an egg on it. With the pan of bacon grease right there, it is downright criminal not to fry an egg before toasting the potato bread, which I agree is the best bread for sandwiches.

  4. I'm with you -- this is my idea of the perfect BLT. We have a great local blue cheese -- called Great Hill Blue, actually -- made in Marion, Massachusetts (near Cape Cod), that will stand in for your Point Reyes.

  5. when i first saw this, i thought you were using a tomatillo! that could be interesting...

    do you use any spices on your sandwiches?

    also, do you know how to put a link to someone else's blog on your own page? because i have a food blog as well and would love to link you.