Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Next stop, Liberte!

>Today's second breakfast (the first being an Eggo waffle stuffed into my mouth on my way out the door) was raspberry goat yogurt made by Candian dairy company Liberte.

Having made my own yogurt in the past, I'm much more discriminating in my commercial yogurts. Almost all of the major brands are weirdly solid and gaggingly sweet, so Liberte's light flavor and texture is a relief. There wasn't any goatishness to the flavor, though having never had goat milk, I'm not sure if it supposed to or not.

Foodgoat favors raspberry yogurt almost exclusively, but I liked Liberte's honey flavored yogurt even better - especially soothing and smooth when one is facing piles of work first thing in the morning.


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  2. Does anyone know if I can get this great yogurt in the midwest? I live in Madison, WI. Also, what other flavors does Liberte' have besides honey?

  3. Anonymous5:01 PM

    You can get the goat yogourt in vanilla, strawberry, raspberry, honey and plain flavours.