Monday, August 14, 2006

Looney Tuna

Foodgoat has cooked for THREE NIGHTS IN A ROW! Hallelujah!

Check out yesterday's meal - seared tuna on saffran rice with grilled asparagus. Everything was very fresh, and quite delicious.

I'm not a fan of the raw food thing, because cooked food, as a general rule, licks the stuffing out of raw food as far as taste and digestibility go. But sushi quality tuna and crisp, not limp, asparagus rock when they're on the raw side.


  1. Oh yes yes YES to nearly-raw tuna and asparagus! Nothing worse than sad, limp asparagus or dry, flaky tuna. I sometimes do seared tuna with a mango salsa that's to die for!

  2. Yes, totally agree: cooked food kicks raw foods ass any day...