Wednesday, September 7, 2005

Wine Blogging Wednesday: Warre's Warrior Port

I haven't felt like blogging, what with the end of the world here and all. First Katrina, then Gilligan dies, now a Satanic tomato. Coincidence? I think not.

So, let us enjoy the moment, for tomorrow some other catastrophe awaits. Wine Blogging Wednesday gives us the perfect pre-Apocalypse dessert: Like Wine For Chocolate, wine and chocolate cake.

Unfortunately, we at Foodgoat ... well, we don't bake. DO NOT make Foodgoat measure anything. Just ... don't.

So w're eating a bar of (pre-Hershey) Scharffen-Berger dark chocolate instead.

And, taking a cue from a bar I read about in Food & Wine, we're also pairing the chocolate and wine with caramel sauce.

If you're going for decadent, you might as well go all the way.

First, eat a spoonful of Narsai's Butter Caramel Decadence sauce. Actually, the bar had you smearing caramel sauce on the palm of your hand to lick off, but licking food off of body parts? Eww. Anyway, this caramel is real thing - do not insult me with your caramel-flavored topping! - and is creamier and more buttery than anything you ever put in your mouth.

Follow it with a sip of port. We tried Warre's Warrior Special Reserve Port, and found it deliciously sweet and smooth. Foodgoat may love port for cooking, but I am becoming quite fond of port for port's sake.

And finally, bite into a piece of fine dark chocolate. Scharffen-Berger, of course, is preferred. While Foodgoat still prefers the chocolate-coffee combination, he admits that the port (not the caramel so much, though it's still good too) brings out another aspect of the chocolate flavor. Port and chocolate is sort of an obvious pairing, but it's still a good one.

Now excuse me while I eat the rest of the jar of caramel sauce.

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