Tuesday, September 27, 2005


Foodgoat and I have developed, how shall I describe it?, a taste - a habit. Our supplier knows us well - we've been regulars for months now - and we meet up with her every week, same time, same place. She bags up a pound of the stuff without having to ask what we want. What we need. Foodgoat can space himself out, a little bit each day, He's always had more self control. But me, I tend to go through my supply in just days, sneaking into it while Foodgoat is distracted, promising myself I'll indulge just this one time more. But recently - I don't know if I can say this - it's gotten worse. I've started trying it in ... other forms.

Now you know. I have a $10 a week pistacio nut addiction. We go through a pound a week. Then last week I pushed and shoved my way through the frozen food aisle of Trader Joe's to get at the chocolate pistacio mousse cake. It was bright green and didn't really taste that much like the fresh pistacio nuts, nor did I detect any nutty bits, but it was delicious and sweet, and for a minute, I was sated.

But was that enough? NO! The next day, I snatched up a pint of Haagen Dacz pistacio ice cream. This was not at all bright green - in fact, it was just vanilla ice cream with some (but not enough!) pistacio pieces spread throughout. Not bad, but I felt like I could have just as easily sprinkled my pistacios onto vanilla.

When I proposed making the package of pistacio pudding, Foodgoat drew the line.

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