Monday, September 26, 2005

Go Tribe

The Tribe are emerging as the team that COULD ... GO ... ALL ... THE ... WAY!

While the A's are sort of sucking. Which means it must be the end of the baseball season. You can set your clock by the A's wild card race meltdown, I tell ya.

A few weeks ago we went to an Indians-A's matchup at Jacobs Field. I'm all about baseball games, but let's face it, the food at the ball park sometimes not so good. Which wouldn't be so bad if they didn't also charge you an arm and a leg for a bleeaaah hot dog.

But Foodgoat and I outsmarted them! Ha ha! We ate BEFORE the game, OUTSIDE the park. Mwah ha ha!

Here we hit Foodgoat's regular stop before football games, Panini's, where the star menu item is the overstuffed sandwich. Overstuffed with french fries and coleslaw, those culinary renegades! Slapped together with the speed and finesse of a Jhonny Peralta and Ronnie Belliard doing a 5-4-3 double play!

Our server nicely smiled for me, and for his trouble I cut off his forehead.

So big! So good! So filling! And no, not all my sandwich descriptions end up sounding kind of homoerotic. Just most of them.

And now the view from our seats right behind home plate and surrounded by people, who, oddly enough, really knew their baseball. Even that one guy behind us who told his friend that football was boring because nothing happens (!!). But then Wedge got ejected and the lights went out for half an hour, and I got distracted by the beer guy.

Go Tribe! They won, and let's all hope they keep on winning (so I can move back to California ... okay, I have ulterior motives!).

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