Monday, October 18, 2004

Two unrelated food news

One stewardess (excuse me, I mean flight attendant) engages in her own In-Flight Survivor by living off of airplane food for an entire year [from Right This Way]
She took the fruit left on the unused breakfast trays, cereals, yogurts, bread rolls, and made sandwiches from the leftover deli platters. She had the most impressive-sized flask and was a walking ad for Tupperware. ... She had lost 40 pounds, estimated her grocery bill savings at $9,000, and was planning to run a marathon in a couple of months.
That can't have been tasty. Unless the food is much better in first class. I certainly wouldn't know.

I lost what little interest I had in the baseball playoffs waaaay back when the Angels fizzled. But I liked reading what the respective mayors have wagered on the series.

If Los Yanques win yet again (grrrrr!), the Boston mayor concedes ...
An authentic New England Clam bake for four including lobsters, steamers, shrimp and clam chowder from Yankee Lobster; 10 lbs of Pearl Country Club ¼ lb. all beef natural casing frankfurters; one "You're a real winner" bouquet of balloons from Geneva Balloons; one case of Harpoon IPA; a case of Sam Adams Boston Lager; one case of Lobster Ravioli from Serino's in Hyde Park; "Congratulations, watch out next time" marble cake with white butter cream icing decorated with grey and blue pin stripes and Yankees logo from Dutchmaid Bakery; one case of coffee cake featuring red white and blue Patriot Coffee Cake from My Grandma's Coffee Cake in Hyde Park; Boston Cream Pie, the official dessert of the State of Massachusetts, from the Omni Parker House Hotel, where it was invented; Reverse the Curse Cookies from the Dancing Deer Baking Company in Roxbury; 2 pounds of homemade milk chocolate baseballs from Phillips Candy; 2 gallons of Boston homemade creamy ice cream; a dozen Boston Pretzels, homemade angel hair pasta dinner fine linguini noodle served in "RED SOX" clam sauce from Spinelli's in East Boston.
Comparatively, if Boston can shake off the Curse of the Bambino, they get ...
2 pounds each of pastrami, corned beef and brisket, a dozen knishes, three loaves of jumbo seedless rye bread, two pounds of mustard and a bucket of sour pickles, a couple of cheesecakes from world famous Juniors Restaurant in Brooklyn.
I think Boston wins the tasty wager battle, hands down. New York could have at least thrown in a pizza, too. [via gothamist]

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