Thursday, October 21, 2004


Who's that clean-cut young man in a striped pink button-down shirt ... and blue jeans? Hold on to your hats, kids: it's Foodgoat himself. I know it's hard to recognize him when he's not wearing black shirts with black pants, his daily uniform since he was 16, but never fear, he hasn't gone conventional: he's protesting.

His place of employment, or rather, its new and uptight CEO, recently resurrected an antiquated dress code from the 1977. No jeans, ties preferred on men, no bare legs on women, no artificial nails, two earrings max per ear. While Foodgoat, like all of us, appreciates a smartly-dressed colleague, he resents an employer that actually hires fashion police. Especially since he works in a lab where no one except other lab monkeys might see him. Especially when at the same time they cut health benefits.

Hence begins the Rebellion.

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