Friday, October 22, 2004

more random news

Peruvians are trying to promote giant guinea pigs, a traditional meat in the rural Andes, as the newest delicacy for Americans. They say it tastes like rabbit. [via the daily grail]

Just when you think every angle has been covered ... In Berlin, the new restaurant Sehnsucht ("Longing") employs bulimic waitress and an anorexic chef, has an advice center and a refuge, and calls rack of lamb "Ravenous Hunger." [from Right This Way]

Posted above the napkin dispenser at the University of Chicago Divinity School Café [swiped from farkleberries]:
"No matter how many napkins you take, your life will still be a mess. Please take only one or two."
You have to hand it to poor Martha Stewart, she always seems to find good things. As she used to say, when life hands you a minimum-security prison camp, make crabapple jelly. [thanks to the Food Section]

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