Monday, October 25, 2004

Liberal Celebrity Sighting!

What could get me out of bed at 8 on a Sunday morning? Why, a training, of course. I need to mobilize!

Oh, and a chance to be that close to Robert Redford. (Chad Lowe was there too but who's he, anyway?) He was there as part of Bring Ohio Back, which had Martin Sheen and John Glenn in town too, but I didn't get to see them.

Didn't get a chance to ask him if the Natural is dead or alive at the end of the movie though, which would settle a long-running debate between Foodgoat and I.

There was, disappointingly, no food present. I did have a big Starbucks coffee, which tasted just noxious, and a chocolate cream cheese muffin, which I put in my pocket and promptly forgot about, so that will be breakfast for me tomorrow.

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