Monday, March 22, 2004

Beer alternative of the day

Beer alternative of the day
In liquor, as in French and deodorants, some things are maculine and some things are feminine. Manly drinks are noticably potent and taste lousy. All the better to build their self-possessed, stoic characters, I suppose. Hence the dark, fibrous beer and extra dry martinis.

Girly drinks, on the other hand, are refreshing and taste good, though if you have enough of them they can still knock you off your ass. Think of margaritas and other drinks that lend themselves to miniature umbrellas. They help us women escape in some small part the sociocultural, political, and economic institutions which serve to subjugate our autonomy, self-awareness, and potential powers in a historical system of patriarchal oppression. They're among of the master's tools but at least they go down easy.

Smirnoff Twisted V (that's a 5, by the way), a new line of premium malt beverages, falls distinctly into the latter category. Like the Smirnoff Ice, which bridged the gap between plastic-cup-and-keg-at-frat-party and cosmopolitans-at-the-nightclub, the Smirnoff Twisted V in Raspberry (also availabe in Green Apple, Mandarin Orange and Cranberry) is sweet and light and summery and make you forget that there's an intoxicating substance in them. In other words, I like them.

In an odd coincidence, Smirnoff Twisted V is sponsoring the Fetish Ball and Fetish Fashion Show in Cleveland next month.

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