Tuesday, February 24, 2004

The Life Stages of One Ohio Deer

1. Happy-woodland-animal stage. Main activities include foraging, frolicking, and stopping like fools in the middle of the road and knocking the rearview mirrors off Honda Accords.

2. Population-control stage. In the epic struggle between man and beast, in the wild fields of Ohio, Foodgoat's brother emerges, once again, triumphant and victorious.

And after he slew the creature, he, alone, unsheathed his mighty blade and ... well, we're not exactly sure how he did it (Foodgoat in particular would rather not think about the gory details), but what he turned it all into nicely butchered meat wrapped in clean white freezer paper.

If your parents ever abandon you in the forest, Foodgoat's brother would be a handy person to have nearby.

3. Juicy-slab-of-meat stage. This is the stage in which we here at Foodgoat first encounter the deer (let's just call it venison now, okay?). Is this not a fine-looking piece of meat? Red like tuna and hardly any fat at all. We were so impressed we admired it for several minutes and took a picture.

4. Venison-goulash stage. Foodgoat used this first bit of venison for goulash stew. Actually, you can't really see the venison in the picture, just the dumplings, but trust me, there's meat in it. Foodgoat has had venison before, but it was the first time for me. It was delicious, and surprisingly tender. The taste is definitely different from beef, and I'm not exactly sure how it's different, but I liked it. Enough to go hunting myself? Hmm, I don't know about that. However, I have always wanted a crossbow. Then again, I never did manage to get very far into Nintendo Duck Hunt.

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