Monday, February 23, 2004

Hot Chocolate for a Lazy Day
Yesterday was a lazy Sunday: I wore my pajamas all day long, helped myself to ice cream several times, and waited for the agonizing convulsions of pain that everyone assured me would eventually come after my wisdom teeth were pulled (they never came ... so my advice is to go with the local anasthesia). So it was right kind of day to watch the tres-cute "Chocolat", which celebrates the seductive powers of chocolate and the Johnny Depp pirate look.

Inspired, we started watching "Pirates of the Caribbean", but first we decided to fortify ourselves with steaming cups of hot chocolate. What better time to try out the packet of Aztec Hot Chocolate mix from the Soho chocolatier, Mariebelle, that I picked it up at a gourmet shop in Berkeley?

The hot chocolate mix is made from Belgian chocolate and sugar, and, weirdly, contains no cocoa powder (which is the residue from the cocoa bean, instead of the bean itself) but does contain such spices as chili peppers.

Ah, but it turned out very cozy. Not too sweet, comfortingly chocolatey, and the spiciness was just barely noticeable. I don't think I'll be giving up chocolate this Lent.

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