Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Care package!

How did my dear family know that we're a little around here, what with Foodgoat laid up with bronchitis and me at T minus 2 days until all four of my wisdom teeth are ripped out of my head?

As you can see, I got a lot of unexpected goodies: lots of dried mangos, instant oatmeal (I can eat breakfast again!), Primo toast, Chinese sausage, cookies, the Maribella hot chocolate from Berkeley. Foodgoat got an assortment of liqueur-filled chocolates shaped like liquor bottles for his birthday.

But the best of the bunch was the otap. They're flat, flaky, crunchy puff pastry biscuits with sugar on top and an oval shape made from many layers. Using my amazing powers of deductive reasoning, I suspect that they're the Filipino version of palmier or palm leaves cookies (I've started watching "I, Detective"). Whatever you know them as, I've been craving them for ages. Now there is a little pile of crumbs around the computer desk. And on the dining room table. Oh, and in my coat pocket. Good thing Foodgoat got a new toy.

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