Thursday, February 19, 2004

I see you have elected the way of ... PAIN !!

Thirteen and a half hours until an oral surgeon shoots me up with lidocaine, and proceeds to extract all four (4!) of my wisdom teeth. As if the fear and apprehension weren't bad enough, I can't even eat or drink anything until then. For dinner I loaded up on quesadillas and nachos (my stomach greatly expands when my next meal is uncertain) but it's small comfort considering I don't anticipate being able to each much of anything after the procedure either.

Therefore, I've decided that after bravely enduring the dreaded multi-extraction, my reward will be a Special Diet. The Ice Cream Diet. All ice cream, all the time, until such time (if any) that I can chew solid foods or pass out from hyperglycemia. The fact that Breyer's ice cream is on sale now (buy one get one free) is obviously a sign from God himself that this plan is Good.

Tomorrow morning, I will stock my freezer with the following flavors:

Coffee: 50% of the time, my favorite flavor

Mint & chip: My favorite flavor the other 50% of the time. Yeah, I know it has chips that I probably won't be able to chew. I'll figure something out somehow.

Dulce de leche: I haven't tried it yet, but I'm thinking it has the potential to be my favorite too.

Chocolate: Who doesn't like chocolate?

Vanilla: I'll need something to clear my palate between courses, you know.

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