Monday, September 15, 2003

Taking the plunge
We finally broke down and bought a coffeemaker this weekend.

It was time. After a long time on the wagon, Foodgoat is a full-blown addict again. And I am well on the way, ever since I learned of caffeine's appetite-suppressing capacities (I don't eat breakfast much).

Foodgoat already has a coffee grinder and a very nice espresso machine, but it's a lot of labor for 8 in the morning. So the addiction was being fed by break room coffee at work. And there's only so much one can take of that stuff.

So we went out and got a Bodum 8-cup French Press, the kind where you pour hot water right over the grounds and then squish them down, because people who like coffee like French presses, since you can control the water temperature, brewing time, and tasty coffee oils aren't trapped in a paper filter. I like it. It makes just enough for two. It's much less trouble than the espresso machine, but not much more trouble than the drip type. And I like that's it's really low tech.

Now we can have EVEN MORE coffee EVERYDAY!!!

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