Tuesday, September 30, 2003

Going to a sushi bar!

California Highlight #3

Of all the food that we got in California, Sushi Lovers in Milpitas had me actually trembling with glee. I could hardly contain my excitement as a girl in a shiny pink kimono led us to our seats at the bar. Jaunty little boats, carrying various types of sushi, floated by right in front me. I waited with great anticipation for my raison d'etre: the quintessential California roll, made with a creamy mayo sauce with chopped crab meat (not the krab with a "k"), avocado & cucumber, all in a deliciously large maki roll. It didn't take me long to spot the food of desire; unfortunately, it didn't take others long either. California rolls are so tasty people upstream kept grabbing them. But I was not detered, and my patience was rewarded with a healthy dose of California rolls, California deltas (like the roll but in sandwich form), and plenty of other of tasty dishes. My hands trembled the entire night until my belly could take no more.

As if sheer tastiness wasn't enough, Sushi Lovers is also downright cheap. You pay per plate design (note the large stack next to me). I despise how restaurants in the US always overcharge for sushi; it should be fun and inexpensive, but I've only found it so in California. Sushi Lovers is easily one of my top five restaurants of all time. It meets all the criteria: magnificient food, delightful atmosphere (you did notice the little boats floating by with food, right?), and a great price. Come on, sing with me ... I want to go a sushi bar! (I don't hear you!) I want to go with you!

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