Wednesday, August 27, 2003

Regal condiment of the day

I'll admit it, I was seduced by the British Royal Arms. I ended up buying a jar of Tiptree and Wilkin & Sons Raspberry Seedless jam not only because we were out, but because I was curious (in an embarassingly crass fascinated-with-the-nobility sort of way) how the preferred jam of Her Majesty The Queen, Master of the Household, Elizabeth II stacked up.

Of course, the royal warrant is not necessarily a mark of fine quality. Lea & Perrins, Purveyors of Worchestire Sauce, now that makes sense. Kellogg's, as the Royal Cereal Purveyors, is kind of funny. But the royal warrant kind of lost its luster when I discovered that Coors is the Queen's preferred beer supplier.

Still, the jam was pretty good, though your ordinary Smucker's stuff is still fine by me. Next time I ought to get a really British flavor, like mulberry or quince or greengage (though I don't even know what a greengage is).

The fun part, really, is picturing jolly ole Lizzie dancing around in her jammies, singing "It Must Be Jelly 'Cause Jam Don't Shake Like That" while she's having her morning scone with jam and her bowl of Rice Krispies.

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