Friday, August 15, 2003

Blackout supplies of the day

Last night's freakish incident taught us an important lesson: our emergency food supply is pretty pathetic. We raided the cabinets and all we could dredge up were a bag of dried cranberries, dried mangoes, Prima toast, and some stale graham crackers. Of course this would happen on a day neither of us had lunch.

Undaunted by what turned out to be very limited traffic jams, we hopped our bikes to get salami sandwiches and oranges at Foodgoat's grandmother's house. Later, still hungry, we trooped down to Little Italy's Feast of the Assumption, where a generator-assisted vendor sold us (and a lot of impious-looking hoochie mamas, I might add) Italian sausages. We prepared for the long haul by stocking up on Gilly's doughnuts and a giant chocolate cupcake.

Stilll, it was a narrow miss. So this weekend we're putting together a emergency food kit. Unfortunately, we haven't been able to come up with many things that taste good and don't require heat, water, or special storage. All we came with are nacho chips, salsa, granola bars, Oreos, beef jerky, and cans of baked beans, tuna, and corn.

The next time they need to drain the Eastern seaboard to charge up Dick Cheney's batteries, we'll need to be prepared.

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