Thursday, August 21, 2003

Bottled beverages of the day

Beware: Honest Tea Assam Black bottled iced tea is not sweet. If you expect a Snapple, you'll be disappointed. It tastes like tea. Tea without sugar. It's supposed to taste like that. Foodgoat reports that once you know what to expect, it's kind of refreshing.

In contrast, there's the new, and superfluous, Pepsi Vanilla. I'd heard positive things about it from people who know about these things, but I just think it's awfully sugary (or rather, high fructose corn syrup-y). I only had one taste of Vanilla Coke, but I don't recall being any more impressed I'd be more inclined to pick up Journey's Twisted Bean Vanilla Brew again, which had more of an unexpected spicy kick to it. Or better yet, I'd just spike a regular Coke with as much vanilla syrup as I like. Then I could add a maraschino cherry while I was at it, like at Mel's.

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