Wednesday, August 20, 2003

Chez Sciotto

We started with black olives and smoked oysters, along with an assortment of canapés, including crab salad, chicken salad, and caviar. For the main course, we had a stuffed filet mignon, accompanied by roasted potatoes and a cucumber salad. And for dessert, a slice of chocolate rum chestnut cake, with spoonful of whipped cream.

No, it's not a fancy uptown bistro, but Foodgoat's grandmother's house the day after she has a dinner party, when we're there to use up the residuals. Pretty lavish leftovers, huh?

I was particularly interested in the caviar canapé, because I've never had caviar before, much less red caviar. Curiousity piqued, I later visited this nifty virtual caviar lineup. Who knew there were different kinds of caviar? I think what we had was trout roe. That's because a) it was salty, b) we're by the Great Lakes, c) it was served with cream cheese, and d) it looks just like the picture.

The high point, however, was definitely the chocolate rum chestnut cake. It was delightful. Foodgoat gets almost dreamy-eyed when he talks about it.

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