Friday, May 16, 2003

History of the food world, part I
Through the remarkably thorough Food Timeline, one discovers that popcorn is surprisingly old (3600 B.C.), while Yukon Gold potatoes are surprisingly young (1981). One also finds a nifty collection of historical recipes, such as this 1818 recipe for mulaga-tawny soup:

"Take two quarts of water, and boil a nice fowl or chicken, then put in the following ingredients, a large white onion, a large chilly, two teaspoonsful of ginger pounded, the same of currystuff, one teaspoonful of turmeric, and half a teaspoonful of black pepper: boil all these for half an hour, and then fry some small onions, and put them in. Season it with salt, and serve it up in a tureen. Obs. - It will be a great improvement, when the fowl is about half boiled, to take it up and cut it into pieces, and fry them and put them into the soup the last thing.”

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