Monday, May 19, 2003

Challenging drink of the day
The itsy-bitsy bottle was cute. The bright red color was inviting. The Italian-ness was intriguing.

But the first taste Sanbitter is godawful.

Sanbitter is a non-alcoholic aperitif and something like a soda version of Campari. When they say bitter, they mean it. That first taste was like the medicine you take as a kid (the ones that are loaded with sugar so it doesn't taste bad, but it still does). The second gulp was a little better: like the pith of an orange. By the third sip: more like grapefruit.

Except that I hate grapefruit. So it never got past "yuck" for me. Sour I love; bitter is a whole other story. Foodgoat liked it more.

Hint: don't stop in the middle of it. The first taste, it seems, is always bad.

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