Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Chinese Dumplings, Inspired by Ching-He Huang

These days, the TV has mostly been hijacked for Team Umi Zoomi.   But there is one cooking show that I've been watching when I can:

Easy Chinese: San Francisco, on the Cooking Channel, hosted by Ching-He Huang.  The Taiwanese-born British food writer, food entrepreneur and TV chef visits local restaurants, markets, and farms in my beloved hometown of San Francisco and Bay Area and cooks up quick Chinese-inspired dishes right on location.

I love that it's set in San Francisco, I love that Ching is so perky and that she has a British accent, but mostly I love that it's Chinese food.  Because if there's a cuisine that I sorely miss on the Cleveland east side suburbs, it's Chinese.

Fortunately, a recent episode on dim sum inspired Foodgoat to try his hand at dumplings.  Rather than following her recipe for steamed pork and mushroom dumplings, he winged it on his own as he usually does, using pork, ginger, hoisin sauce, and I don't know what else. 
His faithful helper was also on hand to put them together, and even figured out her own way of sealing the wonton wrappers.
A variety of dipping sauces is half the fun!
All steamed up and delicious.
Princess Goat has her own set of pink chopsticks.
  They came out wonderfully - very, very yummy.  Gngery and moist and delicious and fun to eat.  I'm plotting to buy some bamboo steamers and keep the fridge stocked with wonton wrappers in the hope that I see these dumplings again.  And I'm going to keep that TV show on.   


  1. How were they steamed?

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